All In

Driven by Passion, Energy, and Purpose

Moser offers a practical guide to help build character, transform failure into success, find purpose, and live an authentic life through energy and positivity.

God's Wonderful Word

A transfer sticker and coloring book

God’s Wonderful Word offers readers of all ages the opportunity for a reflective, yet active, response to Scripture through coloring and transfer stickers.  

5 Things with Father Bill

Hope, Humor, and Help for the Soul

5 Things with Father Bill is a fun, practical guide to help readers find meaning in everyday experiences, while recognizing that God can be found in life’s simplest acts.

The Center Will Hold

An Almanac of Hope, Prayer, and Wisdom for Hard Times

A compilation of personal stories organized by season, The Center Will Hold will inspire people to look at life with gratitude despite the challenges we face.

Experiencing God in the Ordinary

Experiencing God in the Ordinary will help you discover through prayer and meditation that God is always present and can be found in an ordinary day.

Helping Families Recover from Addiction

Coping, Growing, and Healing through 12-Step Practices and Ignatian Spirituality

A story-driven, integrative, and practical book to help families heal from the effects of a loved one’s addiction and move forward into a healthy future.   

Ignatian Discernment of Spirits in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care

This guide for spiritual directors and counselors offers fresh insights and innovative approaches on St. Ignatius’s Rules for the Discernment of Spirits.

The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness

Ten Steps to Healing

Learn how Ignatian spirituality can promote the interior process of forgiving others, as well as ourselves, for past transgressions and mistakes.

The Inner Chapel

Embracing the Promises of God

The Inner Chapel draws on spiritual ideas and practices from the Catholic faith to guide readers towards inner closeness to God that is available to all.

Lord, You Called Me

Lord, You Called Me provides methods of prayer and biblical history to guide youth as they listen for and discern God’s call for them.

On Love

In On Love Pope Francis uses Scripture to connect us to his abiding belief that we were created to be God's instruments of love in the world.

Preparing Hearts and Minds

9 Simple Ways for Catechists to Cultivate a Living Faith

Master Catechist Joe Paprocki offers 9 simple and effective way to truly revitalize the way we talk about our faith. This book is part of the Catechist's Toolbox Series.

Shadow in the Dark

This historical novel is the first book in The Harwood Mysteries. Embark on an adventure with young Alexander as he tries to recover his memory and, with his new friends, uncover the mystery of the shadowy figure in the dark.

The Shepherd’s Story

In this beautifully illustrated book, young readers will discover the true meaning of Christmas as told through a classic and beloved rhyme scheme.

Spiritual Practices for the Brain

Caring for Mind, Body, and Soul

Intersecting neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality, author Anne Kertz Kernion offers mindfulness tips and explains the benefits of Christian meditation.

Teaching Students with Autism in a Catholic Setting

This comprehensive guide equips Catholic educators to better understand students with autism and meaningfully respond to and support their educational needs.

The Way to Manresa

Discoveries Along the Ignatian Camino

Accompany Brendan McManus on his “failed” pilgrimage to Manresa as he learns how to reinterpret the very human experience of failure from God’s perspective.