Writer’s Award in Spirituality

Congratulations to Becky Eldredge on winning this year’s Writer’s Award in Spirituality! The award is given by the Loyola Institute for Spirituality “to someone who has demonstrated excellence in furthering the spiritual teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola through writing.”

Becky joins a list of distinguished Ignatian authors, many of whom published books with Loyola Press. Browse our list of titles by these award-winners, and add any books you don’t have to your personal library. Save $5 off your order of $35 or more with code 5402.

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The Inner Chapel

Embracing the Promises of God

The Inner Chapel draws on spiritual ideas and practices from the Catholic faith to guide readers towards inner closeness to God that is available to all.

Busy Lives & Restless Souls

How Prayer Can Help You Find the Missing Peace in Your Life

A young, busy woman offers a fresh Ignatian perspective on how to satisfy our restlessness within by making space for prayer in the midst of a demanding life.

Considering Jesus

The Human Experience of the Redeemer

Considering Jesus explores the characteristics, identity, and spirituality revealed by Jesus through his actions and relationships during his earthly ministry.

Always Discerning

An Ignatian Spirituality for the New Millennium

An exploration of spiritual discernment—What does it mean? How do we do it?—that draws on Pope Francis' call for lay Christians to discern in ordinary life.

You Have Called Me by My Name

Praying with Fr. Joe Tetlow, SJ

Tetlow presents a beautiful collection of prayers to encourage discernment, inspire spiritual seekers to find God in all things, and remind us that God is ever-present.

My Life with the Saints (10th Anniversary Edition)

This best-selling memoir of spiritual self-discovery is an homage to the Catholic saints who have accompanied Fr. Martin throughout his life. Click here to download the discussion guide for My Life with the Saints.

Mi vida con los santos

En Mi vida con los Santos James Martin, SJ nos presenta una conmovedora experiencia respect a su relación con los Santos—desde María, la madre de Jesús, hasta San Francisco o la Madre Teresa—y la manera personal en la que ha side dirigido por los heroes de la Iglesia a lo largo de toda su vida.

Heroic Leadership

Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company That Changed the World

Effective leaders are crucial to building companies with staying power. A Jesuit priest turned investment banker, Lowney shares methods for molding effective leaders in the business world.

Heroic Living

Discover Your Purpose and Change the World

Paperback Edition. In Heroic Living best-selling author Chris Lowney combines Ignatian spirituality and business expertise to help us discover our own purpose and develop a personal life strategy to achieve it.

Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads

Best-selling author Chris Lowney delves into what made Pope Francis who he is today and the impact of his Jesuit formation.

Praying with Ignatius of Loyola

Praying with Ignatius of Loyola integrates the life of Ignatius with principles of spirituality and offers an entry point for the reader through quotations and prayer inspired by Ignatius.

Love: A Guide for Prayer

In Love: A Guide for Prayer, authors Jacqueline Syrup Bergan and Sister Marie Schwan offer six weeks of prayer focused on the spiritual topic of love.

Forgiveness: A Guide for Prayer

In Forgiveness: A Guide for Prayer, authors Jacqueline Syrup Bergan and Sister Marie Schwan offer six weeks of prayer focused on the spiritual topic of forgiveness.

Reimagining the Ignatian Examen

Fresh Ways to Pray from Your Day

Reimagining the Ignatian Examen will lead you through a fresh and stimulating reflection on your past day, your present state-of-being, and your spiritual desires and needs for tomorrow.

Redescubrir el examen ignaciano

Diferentes maneras de rezar partiendo de tu día

Únete a Mark Thibodeaux mientras te guía y te invita a explorar nuevas y singulares versiones del Examen, totalmente flexibles y adaptables a tu vida. En diez minutos puedes adaptar tu oración diaria a tus necesidades personales y a tu propia situación, mejorando y profundizando tu meditación.

God's Voice Within

The Ignatian Way to Discover God's Will

In God's Voice Within, Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ, explores Ignatian discernment—the process of developing spiritual intuition in order to respond to God's will.

A Friendship Like No Other

Experiencing God's Amazing Embrace

Explore the path to becoming a friend of God. Grounded in biblical tradition and Ignatian spirituality, this book offers a fresh approach to becoming a friend of God and understanding this relationship.

Praying the Truth

Deepening Your Friendship with God through Honest Prayer

Fr. Barry helps us realize that if we do not approach God in complete honesty, we may be holding back a part of ourselves that needs to be healed. By learning how to communicate honestly with God, our friendship with God will be strengthened.

God's Great Story and You

In Father Barry's final book, he presents a Biblically based guide for readers to understand and use God’s gifts to bring about heaven, peace, and unity on earth.

A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer

Discovering the Power of St. Ignatius Loyola's Examen

Break through the prayer barrier with Jim Manney's simple yet profound form of praying in A Simple, Life-Changing Prayer.

Una oración sencilla que cambia la vida

Descubriendo el poder del Examen Diario de san Ignacio de Loyola

Jim Manney presenta a los cristianos una forma de oración que existe desde hace 500 años y que cambió drásticamente la forma en que él reza y la manera en que "ve" la vida.

Ignatian Spirituality A to Z

A concise, informative, and entertaining guide to key concepts of Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit culture—from Awareness to Zeal and everything in between.

The Ignatian Workout

Daily Spiritual Exercises for a Healthy Faith

A practical guide to maintaining spiritual awareness in daily life.

Living Against the Grain

How to Make Decisions That Lead to an Authentic Life

This highly practical and informative book teaches readers how to discern their deepest desires and discover their true purpose in, and for, this world.