The Shepherd’s Story

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A familiar, beloved rhyme scheme paired with a fresh perspective on the Christmas story, The Shepherd’s Story provides readers with a profound experience alongside a courageous shepherd boy who is searching for meaning in life. Together with the shepherd, readers connect the birth of Christ with their own human experience, learning that one child—a single person—has the possibility of making an extraordinary difference in the world. In the loving arms of his parents, Jesus represents every newborn—and through the shepherd’s eyes, parents and children alike recognize Jesus’ promise of abundant life and infinite love.

Come along with the curious young shepherd to explore the human and divine natures of the birth of Jesus—and through this shepherd’s witness, discover the wonder, majesty, and promise of all human life.

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Illustrated by: Ivan Kravets

Ivan Kravets is an illustrator, graphic artist, and designer who graduated from the Ukrainian Printing Academy in Lviv. He has developed and illustrated dozens of children’s books including The Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, Rasmus and the Vagabond by Astrid Lindgren, and The Crocodile Gena by Eduard Ouspensky. Kravets has created illustrations for the BBC TV show “Hans Brinker” and was a participant in the international project “It’s Always Tea-Time: Lewis Carroll.” Kravets is the winner of a national award for his design and illustrations for the book Peter Pan by James Barrie.

2021 Catholic Media Association Book Awards, Third Place, Design and Production

2021 Catholic Media Association Book Awards, Third Place, Books for Ages 0 – 10 

2021 International Book Awards, Finalist, Children’s Novelty & Gift Book

2021 International Book Awards, Winner, Children’s Religious
2021 Illumination Book Awards, Silver Medal: Holiday

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A message of HOPE!!


What a wonderful poem filled with JOY! This book reminds us that there is wonder in the birth of a child and in the season. We need this message more now than ever.

A unique version of a story that means a great deal to many


The Shepherd's Story, is the story of a young boy who witnesses what he perceives to be the loving birth of a Child. What he actually witnesses, is a miracle. The birth of Christ and the beginning of a new enlightenment worldwide. Jimmy Dunne, does a masterful job telling a story most people know, by weaving it as a creative poem, in the rhythm of, Twas the night before Christmas... a poem loved by so many. This could become a Christmas classic, read by families for years to come. Kids and adults will love the wonderful, colorful illustrations, and read it over and over. A fun read, with a great message.

A great addition to your holiday collection


This book has such a sweet way of engaging children and telling the precious , age old story of the birth of Jesus. I highly recommend it to add to your children's and grandchildren's Christmas book collection.

Let this little shepherd lead your children to Jesus.


Children love stories. And they enjoy rhymes. Add to the mix a beloved story at the heart of our faith and you have a wonderful opportunity for parents to share with their children the blessing that is our faith in Jesus. In The Shepherd’s Story, Jimmy Dunne’s words and rhymes are engaging and Ivan Kravets’ art is enchanting. My grandchildren, between the two of them, gave this book four thumbs up!

Will enchant children and delight adults


The Shepherd’s Story will enchant children and delight adults as the real story of Christmas unfolds in engaging rhymes and beautiful illustrations at every turn of the page. Reading aloud this book to your children, godchildren, and grandchildren will reveal the greatest Christmas gift! Give yourself this gift of awakening children to the true meaning of Christmas.

Beautiful gift of a story


I’m still bawling after reading this beautiful gift of a story about the difference every child can make in the world. I only wish every family in America could share this book with their kids this holiday season.

A Christmas Classic!


The Shepherd Story could become a Christmas classic -- read by families for years to come. Kids and adults will love the wonderful, colorful illustrations, and read it over and over again. A fun read, with a great message.

Julie Blevins


The Shepherd’s Story will hopefully become as popular as the well-known and oft-recited ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Whereas the second was shares the legend of Santa Claus, The Shepherd’s Story is based on an accounting of the birth of our Savior. Beautifully illustrated, this book will soon become a tradition that is read every Christmas Eve to children everywhere so they can celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.”

I loved this story!


Rarely does a children’s book come along that unfolds the Gospel message in a way that moves both children and adults. I loved this story! The Shepherd’s Story is a message of hope and strength for our time that helps us all to appreciate the “wonder of life” unfolding in our midst. I read this story by myself, with my three children, and with my husband. All of us appreciated different strands of the message - the hope of the Gospel, the wonder of the incarnation, the gift of new life. This is a book that I plan to recommend to the 156 parishes in the Diocese of Green Bay and our 54 Catholic schools.

Everyone needs a little wonder!


This sweet poem will bring hope and joy! It's a positive message that reminds you of the wonder of life. Everyone needs a little wonder! I am grateful for this book and the light it brings to the world.

Family Classic


The Shepherd's Story, by Jimmy Dunne, is a delightful and heartwarming story that is sure to be a family classic. Written to a familiar rhyme and beautifully illustrated, this tale inspires all of us to celebrate the miracle of new life and promise of hope.

I love The Shepherd Story!


I love The Shepherd Story! What a beautiful book and what a beautiful story! I love that the publisher is Loyola Press. Jimmy Dunne, we are forever in your life (as Jesuits, that is!) as you are forever in ours – and what a blessing that is!

Anticipation for the coming of Christ...


Jimmy Dunne takes the only story we liked to demonstrate anticipation of the coming of Christmas. In The Shepherd's Story we anticipate the coming of Christ, Jesus to show us the way, the Truth and the Life.

A Wonderful Story!


I, as an adult, thoroughly enjoyed this engaging, lovely, heart-warming version of the Christmas story. I found myself smiling and close to tears - quite moving.