Welcome to Our Homeschoolers!

Thank you for choosing Loyola Press for your homeschooling needs. As a homeschooler, we know that you take great care in choosing just the right curriculum for your children, so we are proud to be able to offer you the finest resources in Faith Formation, English Language Arts, and Latin.

Whether your child needs accelerated learning or experiences success through hands-on tools developed for children with disabilities, Loyola Press stands ready to provide you with the print and digital tools you need to achieve educational success in your home, an environment dedicated to excellence, success, and the transmission of Catholic Christian values.

Here are some exceptional programs that our Homeschool Community comes back to year-after-year. Click on the image to learn more!

Popular for Homeschoolers


Voyages In English, Grades K to 8

Exercises in English, Grades 3 to 8

Vocabulary in Action, Grades 3 to 8



The Virtue Series

What Would You Do?


Christ Our Life, Grades K to 8

Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts, Grades K to 8

God Made Everything: Ages 3 and 4

Springs of Faith: Baby & Me: Ages Newborn to 36 Months


Adaptive Sacramental Preparation Kits, English and Spanish


Adaptive Finding God, Multi-Age




Henle Latin, Grades 9 to 12


Shhh . . . God Is in the Silence by Fiona Basile (English and Bilingual)

Loyola Kids Book of Catholic Signs & Symbols by Amy Welborn



Lord, You Called Me by Ricardo Gzrona, FRP

Shadow in the Dark, Book 1 of the Harwood Mysteries, by Antony Kolenc, Legal Contributor to Practical Homeschooling Magazine



At Loyola Press, we serve a variety of educational environments, from homeschoolers to Catholic schools to parish programs. Because of the diversity of our customer base, we often serve them personally and take the utmost caution in providing the correct materials to our customers. Below are some commonly asked questions from our Homeschool audience:

How do I view online samples?

It’s easy! You’ll find a button on each program page that will link you to samples of that product.

How do I access teacher resources?

Many of our core programs include Teacher Resources: Here is how to access each:

  • For Voyages in English, you can access your Teacher Resources here.
  • For Exercises in English, access your resources here.
  • For Finding God, you will receive an email once you purchase a Teacher’s Edition with access and login information to your LP Digital Library which contains your Teacher Resources.
  • For Christ Our Life, you will find a code in the Teacher’s Edition. You can go here and enter the code to access the Teacher Resources.
  • For God Made Everything, you will receive an email once you purchase a Teacher’s Edition with access and login information to your LP Digital Library which contains your Teacher Resources.

How do I purchase Teacher Guides/materials from Loyola Press?

To purchase Teacher Guides or other Teacher Material, please contact Customer Service at 800-621-1008 or email us at: customerservice@loyolapress.com. Please indicate that you are a homeschooler, and we will set up your account as a homeschool parent. Please note that we cannot sell multiple Teacher Guides or excessive student editions per grade level for each program to one homeschool parent.

Why can’t I order Teacher Guides directly from the Web Store?

We adhere to this policy for the security of answer keys that lie within Teacher Guides.

What can I expect of the order process if I order from the Web Store?

Orders may be placed by phone or on our website. Orders placed by phone can be placed using credit card or pre-payment by check or money order. Orders are placed on hold until the funds are received by mail. Orders placed online must be paid by credit card. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.  Shipping charges and sales tax are additional and are prepaid with your order.  Order processing can take up to 2 business days.  Orders received after 1:00 pm CS Monday through Friday will begin processing the next business day.

Why does Customer Service review my order?

Unfortunately, we have had Teacher Guides and Answer Keys fall into children’s hands—and subsequently shared throughout entire dioceses or school districts. Therefore, we take care to assure that an actual homeschooling parent and not a child is purchasing materials.

Can I purchase Individual Assessment Booklets for Voyages in English?

Yes! Simply call customer service at 800-621-1008.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and our Customer Service pages.